25% of Indonesian Women Have No Planning to Give Birth Normal

According to the Alodokter survey, 75% of pregnant women in Indonesia plan to give birth normally. Only 4% choose cesarean section and the remaining 21% haven't decided yet. If you are still confused about wanting to give birth normally or not, the following points can be taken into consideration. Of the 830 pregnant women who took part in the survey from Alodokter, 623 of them chose to give birth normally. Only 33 people planned to give birth by cesarean section. While the remaining 174 people (21%) still have not determined the method of delivery to be chosen. Normal childbirth From the results of the survey it can be concluded that normal childbirth is still the number one method of birth choice for pregnant women in Indonesia. When compared to caesarean section, the normal delivery process is indeed simpler, cheaper, and does not require complicated tools to help the baby get out of the womb. Therefore, in addition to being a popular choice for pregnant women, health expe
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